The DOC/ADOC Program Overview and Benefits

/The DOC/ADOC Program Overview and Benefits
The DOC/ADOC Program Overview and Benefits 2018-10-11T16:38:34+00:00

Embracing the Opportunity to Make a Difference

Program Overview:

This 6-day certificate program addresses the key leadership concerns faced by every senior nurse leader within the LTC setting, or for those who aspire to and are being groomed for such a position. The program covers the full range of competencies required of the DOC/ADOC, including advanced leadership, management and human resource functions and responsibilities.

This is an intensive, comprehensive training program. Participants complete pre-work before attending the program, develop and commit to two different self-directed leadership action plans (LAPs) during the course of the program.

The program is developmental in nature, with participants building skills and knowledge on a progressive, integrated basis from one day to the next. Various combinations of individual, team and large group processes are incorporated into the program to reinforce and embed learning. Utilizing a full range of adult learning principles, participants are expected to be fully engaged in an accepting but challenging learning environment. Participants, and their Home Advisor, complete pre and post online assessments to evaluate and measure knowledge gain and leadership behaviour change.

The program includes many opportunities for group sharing and discussions, recognizing the richness of relevant knowledge and experience that participants bring to the program. Collaborative-based Peer Learning Partnerships are created to encourage information exchange and problem-solving, support and reflection, both within and external to the program. Self reflection and peer-to-peer feedback and faculty mentors also encourage growth and enhance learning.

The program utilizes a select group of professional guest speakers and faculty, with varied expertise essential to the success of the senior nurse manager in long term care. Special interest group sessions are held on three evenings, offering a more informal learning environment and personal participant mentoring.

Program Benefits:

Whether currently in a senior nurse leadership role or being groomed for such a position, the DOC/ADOC Program provides real and lasting benefits for growing and aspiring leaders.

Program Benefits Include:

• Smooth transition into senior management role
• Provides for effective succession planning
• Positioned for future advancement to more senior nurse leadership roles
• Enhanced family and resident relationships
• Acknowledged by staff as a progressive, responsive leader
• Increased confidence in dealing with fiscal requirements
• Recognized as a valued member of the management team
• Equipped to accept and deal with managerial and human resource challenges

Day Date Location
Session A – Day 1 November 25, 2018 Crowne Plaza – Toronto Airport,
33 Carlson Court, Toronto, ON M9W 6H5
Session A – Day 2 November 26, 2018
Session A – Day 3 November 27, 2018
Session A – Day 4 November 28, 2018

Break – Includes on-line discussion forum, webinar support session and ongoing mentoring.

Day Date Location
Session B – Day 5 January 27, 2019 Crowne Plaza – Toronto Airport
33 Carlson Court, Toronto, ON M9W 6H5
Session B – Day 6 January 28, 2019