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ActivityPro is an effective, easy-to-use web-based software program that measures and validates the efficacy of recreation services in care settings.

The resulting data and reports demonstrate the quality and quantity of: (1) resident/participant engagement; (2) specific program offerings; (3) and the entire recreation department, thereby reinforcing the professionalism of the organization, and ensuring compliance with consumer and governmental expectations and requirements.

Key ActivityPro functions include:

  • Family/resident friendly reports
  • Reinforcement of  person-centred programming
  • Automated calculation of data for governmental and funding reports
  • Resident/Family communication portal
  • Real-time alerts of limited resident engagement and success
  • Multiple options for detailed reviews of resident participation and department-wide programming
  • Secure data storage – compliant with North American security criteria (HIPAA and CIHI)

ActivityPro results in:

  • Improved resident-centred programming
  • Reduced documentation time for staff – more staff time with residents
  • Enhanced responses to family questions and concerns
  • Elimination of compliance issues relative to resident engagement
  • Cost effective solution to proving the quality of client-centred recreation services


Silver Meridian has formed a strategic partnership with Pesce & Associates, a leader in the field of human resources management.

Pesce & Associates provides comprehensive, strategic consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. The company offers expertise in a broad range of human resources services:

  • Employee Relations
  • Labour Relations
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Policy Development
  • Compensation & Job Evaluation
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Training

Workplace Mental Health

Mental Health is Everyone’s Business!

Stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD are common! Not only for our clients and their families, but Mental Health Awareness is also a reality to you, your families and staff.  We often put our clients ahead of our needs and learning.  Now is the time to incorporate Mental Health Awareness within your staff meetings, staff evaluations, team building and support teams.  We are excited to announce that with our new affiliate, Stressed Out Solutions, we are able to offer training, consulting and full successful and sustainable Mental Health programming for your team.

Training Programs are available for both the leadership team and/or staff. Leaders will hone their skills in engaging, supporting and accommodating their employees in a safe and caring manner and staff will acquire tools for self-care, caring for others and mental health awareness.

Corporate Mental Health Memberships are also available for all budgets and needs which can be customized to fit the culture of your Home.


Make Mental Health Your Business!

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