Inspired Leadership For Managers & Supervisors In Long Term Care

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3–Day Certificate Program

Managing and leading are not the same. While managers in long term care must be able to manage, the critical element for success is found in the development of leadership skills. The pinnacle of success is becoming an inspirational leader – one who brings out the best in others by inspiring them to excel.

The Inspired Leadership Program is designed to develop and hone the skills required of managers to succeed in the midst of rapid change in long term care. In this 3-Day certificate program managers and supervisors from every department learn how to enhance relationships with their staff, hold others accountable and assertively deal with the expectations of challenging customers and the scrutiny of the public, media and ministry officials. The program prepares managers to respond with enthusiasm, confidence and conviction, in order to have the necessary credibility to lead others. By combining the best in leadership strategies with the unique Silver Meridian practicum approach, leaders acquire and demonstrate inspired leadership skills starting from Day One.

The Inspired Leadership Program incorporates training practices conducive to the learning needs of the adult learner. Participants are provided a supportive environment in which they experiment with leadership concepts: reflecting, sharing, collaborating and emerging from the program with a renewed sense of commitment to their changing roles as Inspired Leaders.

The Inspired Leadership Program reflects the value of working on fundamental leadership strategies. The first training day is followed by an interval of time for completion of a practicum related to session content. This provides an opportunity to apply new leadership skills into personal practice. The process is repeated on Day Two, with a follow-up in Day Three.

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