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This is a 6-Day program designed to develop management and leadership skills among your organization’s existing staff. The expectation is that participants are looking for the opportunity to become managers, and that the organization has pre-selected the most promising staff members for this training opportunity.

The focus of the program is on fundamental management or leadership principles, with a major emphasis on application. Participants will be expected to take part in various exercises during the sessions, and complete follow-up activities back in the workplace between sessions.

An important consideration for the program is the involvement of key representatives from the organization. Silver Meridian works with these senior managers to encourage and facilitate their involvement in the training program. Within each training day opportunity is provided for a senior manager to contribute to the presentation, focusing on details specific to their role and expertise within the organization.

Broad Content:

Day 1 – Building Your Vision

Day 2 – Entering the Manager Role

Day 3 – Assertive Communication and Building Relationships

Day 4 – Collaborative Problem Solving and Assessing the Organization

Day 5 – Building Your Team

Day 6 – Settling In and Finding Balance

By the time participants have completed the training program and various projects, they will have compiled a personal manager’s manual. This package of material will evolve into a compilation of information, examples of positive experiences and personal growth areas, and an outline to follow when the opportunity arises to move into a managerial role.

The review of progress throughout the program involves various feedback opportunities with many people at different times. The focus is on helping participants grow and develop as potential future managers. This includes self-review and various forms of verbal and written feedback from peers, presenters and the participant’s manager.


Following each module, specific practicum projects are completed (3). The format of the practicum will vary according to the task, and each practicum will have specific written requirements that must be completed and submitted. Following the training portion of the program a managerial experience is arranged where the participant performs managerial responsibilities, under the guidance of a manager, in the department, which the participant aspires to lead.

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