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Flexible Delivery Options – It’s Your Choice:

In-House Training

We can deliver in-house training for organizations looking for a customized approach to developing the skills and expertise of their people.

Many of our full day seminars can be adapted to half-day or 2 hour sessions. We work with you to accommodate schedules and routines to ensure maximum participation and impact.

As well, our short 30-minute InService Program provides another cost effective training option, for staff at all levels, in all departments, and on all shifts.


Come to one of our registration-based programs at our own training centre in Whitby, or at one of our many host sites across the province.

Host a Program

An organization can act as a “host,” providing meeting space for sessions, while Silver Meridian promotes the program, and the host potentially benefits from reduced costs and recognition as an educational leader.

Keynote Speaking

Professional high energy – high impact presentations specifically for specialized conferences and retreats; focal points relative to all our areas of expertise, including: Employee Commitment and Empowerment; Emerging Care Practices; Power of Positive Change; Transformational Leadership; Ethical Leadership; The Person-Centred Nurse.