Conflict Management – Cultivating Positive Growth

/Conflict Management – Cultivating Positive Growth
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3-Day Certificate Program

Helping managers and supervisors working in LTC to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent, resolve and contain conflict.

It is not surprising, given the busy, challenging and stressful work environment of long term care that leaders encounter conflict. This 3-Day program reinforces that as managers and supervisors (including RN and RPN Leaders) interact with colleagues, staff, residents and families some conflict in the workplace is normal and in fact inevitable. Leaders need to realize they cannot prevent or avoid all conflict. The more understanding managers and supervisors have about conflict the more confidence they will have in countering conflict when it arises.

More than just theory and knowledge, participants experience conflict resolution from a hands-on perspective through real-life situations, detailed analysis, personal reflection, exercises, role-plays, case studies as well as practicum experiences back in the workplace. Participants will leave the seminar knowing that this positive approach to managing conflict will strengthen their relationships with others, create a more harmonious and productive work environment and improve resident safety and care. Pre and post program assessments are completed by the participant to validate new knowledge and behavioural change.

Program Overview:


Understanding conflict: what it is, sources, potential responses (yours & theirs), barriers to resolution

Strategies to prevent conflict: building relationships & growing your people

Dealing with differences: maintaining control (yours & theirs), reframing positions, negotiating, problem-solving, reaching agreement


Five steps to successful conflict resolution: specific strategies for win-win outcomes

Enhancement of conflict resolution skills: reconcile, negotiate, collaborate, repair

Understanding challenging conflict behaviours: recognizing and being prepared for other people’s approaches and tactics

Day Three – CONTAIN

Dealing with challenging conflict behaviours – stonewalling, attacking, defensive responses

Diagnosing the appropriate resolution approach & applying the five steps to resolve conflict

Containing conflict – understanding why conflict escalates & interventions to facilitate negotiation and final resolution

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