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3-Day Certificate Program

Effective teams do not just happen. In fact, many long-standing teams continue to operate for years at less than ideal levels of performance. If you have ever gone to a regular weekly meeting “because it is Tuesday’” without any clearly defined objectives or agenda, then you have experienced a routine, ineffective team. Building successful Powerhouse Teams requires attention to more than outcomes. Every effective team pays as much attention to process – “How we do things” – as they do to “What we accomplished.”

The Building Powerhouse Teams Program is formatted to reflect teambuilding within the training itself, as well as facilitate the development of your actual teams. During the program, you will become familiar with the key principles required of effective teams, identify the familiar pitfalls experienced by many teams, and ultimately apply this knowledge to your workplace teams. You will be a team participant. You will be a team leader. You will be a team evaluator.

The Program incorporates training practices conducive to the learning needs of the adult learner. You are provided a supportive environment in which you experiment with various teambuilding concepts, surrounded by the encouragement of your fellow teammates. In essence you will be functioning as a team, while participating in the entire learning team experience.

The Building Powerhouse Teams Program reflects the value of working on fundamental team building strategies. Each training day is followed by an interval of time for completion of a practicum related to the session content. You will reflect on your personal team leadership skills, and the needs of your workplace team. Based on this reflection, you will determine a workplace practicum focus that best meets your personal and team needs. You will then share the outcomes from your practicum experiences at each of the following training days.

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